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Iona Pacific Inter-religious Centre at Vancouver School of Theology seeks to strengthen the capacity for diverse religious and spiritual wisdom traditions to engage each other collaboratively, critically, and constructively on local and global issues through research, social action, and contemplative inquiry.
Interim Director: Rabbi Dr. Laura Duhan Kaplan
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Imagine a world in which different wisdom traditions embrace learning about and from each other, and work together to create a more respectful, compassionate place for this generation, and generations to come. Our Hands-Heart-Head initiative strives to create positive social change—change that draws on the world’s wisdom traditions to foster a common sense of purpose, respect for differences, and socially engaged learning.

Our Hands
Your gift will help Iona Pacific Inter-religious Centre pursue research-driven social action projects, bringing together people from diverse cultures and faith traditions to address critical local and global issues.

Our Hearts
Your gift will support Iona Pacific Inter-religious Centre’s teaching, research and public outreach
programs that embody contemplative practice and spiritual well-being, while respecting fully religious and cultural differences.

Our Heads
Your gift will support Iona Pacific Inter-religious Centre’s multi-disciplinary scholarly research and
teaching that focus on building bridges among different wisdom traditions, as well as on nurturing
compassionate and knowledgeable leaders. Together with VST’s Indigenous Studies Centre, VST’s
Iona Pacific Centre offers innovative M.A. and Th.M. degrees in Indigenous and Inter-religious Studies,
as well as courses on various topics informed by the principal wisdom traditions that guide IP’s work:
Indigenous religions, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.