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Vancouver School of Theology

Dr. Robert Daum to lecture at Green College, UBC

Green College Society Series featuring Dr. Robert Daum: Interdisciplinarity in Action. Engaging ethno-religious diversity at a secular research university. Robert Daum, Iona Pacific Inter-Religious Centre, Rabbinic Literature and Jewish Thought, Vancouver School of Theology, Coach House, Green College, UBC campus. October 01 5:00 pm – 6:30 pm

This talk will present some findings since the inauguration in January 2010 of an “inter-religious” research and leadership centre on the UBC Pt. Grey Campus. In light of national conversations about multiculturalism and social sustainability, the talk will explore some theoretical and pragmatic aspects of ethno-religious diversity and student development at secular, public research universities, particularly as regards student well-being, inclusion, mentorship and career development.

Robert A. Daum is Founding Director, Iona Pacific Inter-religious Centre, Associate Professor of Rabbinic Literature and Jewish Thought at Vancouver School of Theology, Faculty Member of Green College, and advisor to the Vice-President of Students Office at UBC during the 2013-2014 academic year on inter-religious issues related to student development.