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Research Associates & Affiliates

Vancouver School of Theology (VST) and Iona Pacific Inter-religious Centre (IP) at VST provides the opportunity for researchers, scholars and teachers to be related to the work of the School through the position of Research Affiliate / Associate or Teaching Affiliate / Associate.

A Research Affiliate or Research Associate is an individual who, as a result of their research expertise, achievements, and interests, desires an affiliation with VST or IP, which would be of mutual benefit.

A Teaching Affiliate or Associate is an individual who, as a result of his/her research and teaching expertise, achievements, and interests, desires an affiliation with VST or IP, which would be of mutual benefit.

There is no salary associated with appointments. Affiliates and Associates are expected to contribute to and share in the research activities of VST/IP.

Candidates prior to the PhD or ThD – that is, doctoral candidates who have completed all comprehensive exams and are working on dissertation – are eligible for appointment as Affiliates. Candidates holding a doctoral degree (PhD, ThD) are eligible for appointment as Associates.

Applicants must obtain a Faculty Sponsor at Vancouver School of Theology.

Research Affiliates and Associates

Teaching Affiliates and Associates

On July 1 four scholars began appointments as Research Associates or Affiliates in association with VST through the Iona Pacific Inter-religious Centre. During the academic year Research Associates / Affiliates will be invited to participate in colloquia with VST faculty and students, contributing to the academic life of the School while pursuing their research. Dr. Hossein Houshmand (Ph.D., Religion, Concordia) specializes in philosophy of religion, comparative ethics, and contemporary political philosophy. Trained in modern Islamic thought, his work seeks to foster religious pluralism, and generally, “to understand religious faith in the modern/post-modern context.” He also is a student of the thought of Rumi, the preeminent Sufi poet and teacher. Shiva Olyaei (Ph.D. Cand., Law and Gender Studies, UBC) specializes in Muslim feminism, legal theory, and human rights discourse, with a particular focus on Iranian women’s rights campaigns. Dr. Rosa Sevy (Ph.D., Sociology, UBC), formerly Iona Pacific Postdoctoral Fellow and Program Coordinator, is a licensed clinical counselor with an expertise in post-traumatic historical consciousness, whose current research explores best practices for women from different religious traditions and nations of origin to engage positively with each other. Dr. Mark Stein (Ph.D., Linguistics, UMass Amherst) is trained in theoretical linguistics. He has specialized in pastoral care within an interfaith environment. His current research explores the complexities of Jews and Christians learning together.
These are unsalaried appointments for a period of one or two years in two categories. Scholars with a PhD or ThM may be appointed as Research Associates, and scholars who are PhD or ThM Candidates or the equivalent may be appointed as Research Affiliates. Applicants with relevant research programs must be sponsored by a member of VST’s Faculty, and their applications must be approved by the Faculty Association and Principal. They are expected to seek research grants to support their work and contribute to VST’s infrastructure costs, such as library access.