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Professor Daum published a chapter and co-edited an anthology of essays in a scholarly work published by the University of Toronto Press in 2011. His chapter is entitled “Recalling the Nation’s Terrain: Narrative, Territory, and Canon.” The volume is entitled The Calling of the Nations: Exegesis, Ethnography, and Empire in a Biblical-Historic Present. The volume was co-edited by UBC Professor and Green College Principal Mark Vessey, along with VST Professors Sharon Betcher, Robert Daum, and Harry Maier. Dr. Daum published the lead article in the first issue of the second century of the Jewish Quarterly Review, which featured three scholarly articles and a series of book reviews. Professor Daum’s 26-page article was entitled “Rhetorical Form and Didactic Content in a Rabbinic Poem.” The JQR is published by the Katz Center for Advanced Judaic Studies at the University of Pennsylvania. In addition, Rabbi Daum’s encyclopedia entry, “Tosefta,” was published in The Cambridge Dictionary of Jewish History, Religion, and Culture, edited by distinguished historian, Judith Baskin. Baskin is Knight Professor of Humanities and Associate Dean, Humanities at the University of Oregon.