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“MentorLink: A multilogue with leading professionals”

Thank you to all those who participated in 2013/2014 program, this program is now complete.

MentorLink brings professionals who work in the conflict and reconciliation field where religion and spiritual diversity is a component of their work with students on campus who are interested in these topics. MentorLink provides opportunities for students to build networks with other students, diversity training and inter-cultural communication skills during discussions, while also gaining valuable experience during mentor discussions to prepare them for Canada’s diverse workforce.

Students (mentees) accepted into MentorLink are encouraged to learn from their fellow student participants, seek advice and information about their career interests from mentors, and actively participate in a three-part series which includes media, meeting up with like-minded inquisitive students, and mentoring by professionals.


This group mentoring program aims to:

• Provide students with industry perspective to enhance their academic direction
• Build community with students on campus from various cultures and disciplines
• Create opportunities for students to be leaders
• Learn inter-cultural communication skills for the global workforce


The Iona Pacific Inter-religious Centre MentorLink program runs from January 2014 to March 2014. Students will be required to attend each event in the program which is on January 28, 2014, February 13, 2014, and March 19, 2014 between 6-8:30pm. During these three months, students will attend:



MentorLink Movie Night on January 28, 2014 from 6-8:30pm (RSVP needed by filling in the “MentorLink Registration” page)










Student Discussion Forum – By invitation to students who attend the MentorLink Movie Night











Professional Panel Night with people who work in the conflict and reconciliation industry – By invitation to students who attend the previous events











If you have any questions about MentorLink, please e-mail or call Aliya Hirji, Student Leadership Coordinator & Program Analyst at Iona Pacific Inter-religious Centre, at 604-822-0245.


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